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Entry #2

What !

2009-05-16 06:13:03 by Failord

I'm returning to NG once my exams are over. Which is to say, I'll be back next June =D

I have a tablet now, so my drawing quality should be a little bit better. I'm still trying to get used to it, however, and it's all been rather wobbly so far.

I wonder if I should start off with another timelapse or a *normal* animation. Or maybe even write a game...I really need to learn actionscript xD

Also, random doodle.

What !


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2009-05-16 07:17:20

cool creature. you got a name for it?
looks like a dog specieis

Failord responds:

It's an Acinonyx...supposed to look more like a cheetah, suppose I need to make the tail a little longer :P


2009-05-16 11:23:55

the arms are too long, so it takes away from the cheetah look. he looks like an orangutan thing. the mouth is a little small too.

Failord responds:

I agree, but the concept was of an animal that could maintain a high speed in a low gravity environment such as the moon. The long forearms plunge their spikes into the ground so as to not fly off the ground at 70mph :P

Just a concept, anyway =P I'll try make it look a little more graceful if I'll need to use the design for anything.